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Eclipse Collection Circle Bracelet With Charm
The Perfect Fringe Bracelet
The Perfect Fringe Choker
Celestial Collection Large Star Pendant Necklace
Celestial Collection Large Star Earrings
"Nina" Slider Bracelet with Triple Diamonds
"Nina" Slider Bracelet with Triple Triangles
"Nina" Slider Bracelet with Oval Crystal
"Nina" Slider Bracelet with Charm
"Nina" Long Slider Necklace with Bar
"Nina" Double Bezel Long Y Necklace
Eclipse Collection Circle Bracelet with Tassel
Denmark Collection Triple Baguette Necklace
Celestial Collection Evil Eye Mini Star Open Hoops
Celestial Mini Moon Ring with Swarovski Crystal
Celestial Evil Eye Star Ring with Swarovski Crystal
Celestial Combination Necklace
Denmark Collection Long Slider Necklace with Semi-Precious Stone Spikes
Malia "V" Sterling and Gold Filled Hoops With Semi-Precious Stones
From $73.00 - $83.00
Eternity Circle Double Earrings
Eternity Circle Large Earrings
Eternity Circle Small Earrings with Semi-Precious Stones and Pearls
Eternity Circle Small Earrings
Eternity Circle All-In-One Harness Necklace
Eternity Circle Statement "Bib" Necklace
Eternity Circle Triple Necklace
Eternity Circle Long Necklace on Sparkle Chain
Eternity Circle Y-Long Necklace
Eternity Circle Y-Short Necklace
Eternity Circle Pull Through Necklace