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About Us

 As a born and bred Angelino, Jessica Elliot had always been drawn to the timeless sophistication of old Hollywood. Like many other little girls growing up in the city of angels, she decided early on that she wanted to become an actress—and ended up like so many others making her living waiting tables while working towards her theatrical career.

She started making jewelry as a hobby in 2001-- and soon found she was selling her handmade pieces right off her neck to the customers at her tables. Taking only one metal fabrication class and a lost wax casting class for fun and naturally having a creative knack and talent for design, Jessica’s jewelry-making hobby proved successful. She soon quit waiting tables and turned her hobby into a career. “Jessica Elliot”, her sterling silver jewelry brand, started growing exponentially. Little did she know that in the coming years, she would have a cult following for her original edgy yet feminine designs made in Los Angeles...Fashion forward celebrities such as Rihanna, Halle Berry, Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba, Christina Ricci, Hilary Swank, Katherine Heigl, and many more would be wearing her pieces, and the best department stores and magazines would be showcasing her designs.

A few years after launching her sterling line, she had a premonition that the economy and general climate of our country was changing. The price of precious metal was also skyrocketing, so she decided to start casting in brass as well as sterling so she could do big and bold pieces that were accessible to everyone. Adding Swarovski crystal, hand-enameling, Semi-Precious stones and pearls, and Genuine Leather, the lines combined seamlessly.
In 2018, she started a fine jewelry line which had been her dream since the beginning. Working with consciously sourced precious metals and stones, the line is hand-made with love, piece by piece in downtown Los Angeles. She plays with mixed metals, Rose cut/colored diamonds, Jewel-tone stones, and a lot of hand-fabrication and wire-work to create a line which blends everyday wearable with a “wow” factor. She didn’t want to do fine jewelry that resembled everything else in the market, but rather create something more inspired—fashion forward, modern, edgy, trend-setting, but also feminine and easy to wear. Wear it forever, with whatever you have on, and the more layering the better.

Jessica’s inspiration comes from her love for vintage glam, traveling the world, and living in beautiful and diverse Los Angeles. She crafts an incredibly versatile collection embracing edgy femininity-- chic and wearable, and made with superior handcraftsmanship. Her accessories embody effortless Los Angeles glamour, joining a playful attitude with modern edge.